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Autodynamics in One Page

1.- AD describes the universe being governed by a Universal Law of Mass Decay-Energy Absorption where mass and energy spontaneously change from one to another.

2.- AD is a Quantum Relativistic Theory that follows Galilean and Newtonian common sense. Consequently AD removes all the fantasies of Lorentz and Einstein.

[No Big Bang - No Einstein Cross - No Black Hole - No Length Contraction - No Time Dilation - No Space Curvature - No Frame Dragging - No Neutrino - No Twin Paradox - No Failure of Simultaneity - No Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - No Failure of "Cause and Event" under Faster than Light - No Increasing Entropy]

3.- AD is a theory that explains more experimental results and astronomical observations than SR and GR put together.

[All Decay as Muon and Pion Decay - Uranium Decay - Beryllium Decay - K-Electron Capture by 4Be7 to produce 3Li7 - Linear Momentum Transfer in Nucleus-Nucleus Collision - Better Compton Effect - Dirac's equation without Wave Mechanics - Proton-Antiproton Collision - Energy Loss by Electrons in Absorbers - Perihelion Advance - Binary Star Precession - Bending of Light - Faster than light - Allais Anomaly - Extra Gravitational Tug on Pioneer 10/11 spacecraft]

4.- AD is a theory that explains what Pauli found 9 years earlier: that Einstein's Kinetic Energy equation is wrongly applied to Decay. Pauli postulated or "invented" the Neutrino to save SR. AD yields a new Set of Equations, which explains Decay without the Pauli's (Fermi) Ghost Neutrino.

[Experiment 0.36 MeV - SR = 1.16 MeV - AD = 0.36 MeV.]

5.- AD is a theory that supports a very simple Eternal Universe, finite but unlimited, in perpetual evolution. The future Universe will be different from today's. AD has Universal Gravitation founded in a simple mechanism: the Le Sage's mundane particle, the Graviton championed by Luis de Broglie. AD's Pico-Graviton plus the Kepler and Newton laws, adding AD the Pico-Graviton absorption by matter (which we call Gravitation), is a particular case of the AD's Universal Law of Mass Decay-Energy Absorption.

6.- AD is a theory that shows that the Einstein's mistakes come from the Lorentz Transformation. AD shows with Algebra that the Einstein equations are mistaken and cannot explain many phenomena in nature and, as Newton, SR and GR have a total lack of mechanism or machinery to explain these phenomena.

Side by Side

SR equations


AD equations


Energy-Mass equivalence

Energy-Mass equivalence

Mass increases with velocity

Mass decreases as it is used to move an object forward

Kinetic Energy increases with velocity

Kinetic Energy increases to a maximum equal to mo c2 (E = mo

Momentum increases with velocity

Momentum increases- decreases as mass is used to move an

Electric charge is constant

If a charged particle decays, its charge gets

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