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Experiment to show AD correct over SRPhysicists have searched for over 50 years for the neutrino in vain. Carezani and Autodynamics explains:

  • Why neutrinos don’t exist
  • Shows the state of disarray of neutrino “science”
  • Can explains experimental results without the need for neutrinos
  • Has found an experiment performed in 1946 published in Physics Review that disputes the existance of the most accepted neutrino: the electron neutrino

For Physicists

Super K: Super Non-Evidence Twentieth century Physic’s equivalent of “Fantasia” has been the neutrino. In a recent publication on the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector, physicists actually show the ultimate proof of neutrino “non-existence”.
Neutrinos at Fermi Lab Questions regarding neutrino detection at FermiLab and elsewhere, where neutrino beams are under the control of a proton beam that is turned on and off, have been asked very frequently. As the question is directly related to “background” events which yield the same neutrino-like reaction, and also to the “shield” or “filter” used to reduce the background, a detailed analysis of the problem follows.
Experimental Evidence Against In this article from Physics Review, Buechner and Van de Graaff in an MIT experiment conclude: “no energy is carried out of the calorimeter by neutrinos or other penetrating radiation. It thus appears that the production of such radiations cannot account for the large extra energy losses reported from cloud-chamber experiments.”
Nucleus-Nucleus Collision Neutrinos not needed. Dr. Carezani has calculations showing that neutrinos are in fact not needed in describing particle interactions such as Nucleus-Nucleus collision.
Super Nova, 1987A Supposedly the strongest evidence for the neutrino was gathered during the super nova explosion of 1987. Yet if you look closely at the data, it is very suspect.
1995 Nobel Prize Rebuttal Read why the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics is outraged by the award of a Nobel Prize for Physics to highly speculative work on the Neutrino Hypothesis.


For the Layman

Neutrino Origin The neutrino originated with Special Relativity’s inability to account for the extra energy in decay phenomena. This fact is often ignored by neutrino students and physicists making claims that decay is not the only origin of neutrinos. Here is a history and explanation.
SAA Commentary Today, there are few people who question neutrino existence. There are two reasons: (1) its supported by mainstream physics, (2) there have been no alternatives.
Neutrino in the News Here are some excerpts that have appeared in the mass media during that last few decades.
Neutrino Delirium Tremens The mass, type, color, spin, and other characteristics of neutrinos continue to grow. According to Autodynamics, this comes from the fact that each decay case is different. And since Autodynamics does not need the neutrino to conserve energy or momentum, this list heightens our suspicions about the neutrino’s existence.
Detector Homepages Even with millions of dollars having been spent on previously failed detectors, scientists around the world believe that it is the detector’s problem, and not the theory itself. Here is a list of neutrino detectors and accelerators currently listed on the Web.